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My views on nutrition are based on a holistic, personalized and integrative approach to health and wellness. Proper food combining will awaken old internal matter, facilitating cellular cleansing, allowing your body to get rid of the toxins/congestion that have been in your way all along. 

Together, we will look at your lifestyle choices and tweak to make your journey organic and satisfying with great results.

You’ll develop a deep understanding of how to accurately cleanse your cells and tissues via simple food strategies, cooking techniques and detox practices which can be applied immediately.

Get ready to live in a body you are so proud of.




Plant Based Food


Dairy Free


Gluten Free


No Refined Sugar

No Refined Sugar





This plan is about nourishing the mind, body and spirit, and NOT deprivation! I don’t believe in counting calories, fat grams, carbs or points. Simply feed on the natural lifestyle to your hearts content.


Put that junk science we’ve all been taught to rest…we’re going back to basics baby! Choose foods close to their natural state, with ingredients you can actually pronounce.


Start incorporating a few enjoyably daily rituals while you shop and cook, helping to sustain your health over the long haul. These manageable routines are what will truly become part of your fabulous new self.

  • Nicki is extremely good at what she does. It is very rare to find a nutritionist who is so well-versed in many different areas concerning your health. I would describe Nicki as a whole health consultant who really listens and can truly help you and your family become the healthiest you've ever been. She is very creative in every aspect of life and knows how to personalize your plan in a very creative and fun way in order for you to achieve the results you want. She is so easy to talk to and makes me laugh every time I speak with her. You should DEFINITELY call Nicki and start working with her.

    Donna Jacobs Avatar
    Donna Jacobs
  • Nicki is magic. She exudes energy and enthusiasm and one can't help but jump on her glorious bandwagon. I began meeting with her five months ago and have felt terrific. My need for a daily afternoon nap has evaporated. The simple things incorporated into my diet and routine have made a world of difference and are as easy as pie. And she will have a recipe for that too!

    Stephen G. Peck Avatar
    Stephen G. Peck
  • Nicole is one of a kind. She is my go to for feeling alive! Nicole's special touch and vibrancy can uplift and upgrade your life. I have known Nicole for close to thirty years. Nicole's intuitive style & healthy lifestyle always sparks my desire to live my best life for myself and my family. From eating clean & healthy to creating the best environment in my home. Her profound wealth of knowledge helps transform your life in a natural way. I am so lucky to have Nicole in my life as my great friend and beautiful guide.

    Tesa Baum Avatar
    Tesa Baum
  • Nicole’s approach to my well-being has been like none other. From our first session, she made me feel like I was this magical entity, made me feel so good about myself – and we didn’t ONCE talk about food. As we continued, I was (and still am), addicted to her honest, real and non-judgemental approach to changing how I viewed the food I was eating but most importantly, how I was viewing myself. Her belief in “it’s not just the food” that is making you feel a certain way, is so spot on. Nic works on what’s really going on in your life and how that translates to the way you are feeling. The food is secondary. Nic’s approach to food is so refreshing because she imposes NO restrictions, no guilty feelings, no calorie counting, no “moderation” talk. Instead, she touts real foods, real feelings, real recipes and realistic goals. There is no one-size-fits-all approach with her. She has this innate ability to read right through your soul and cater an extremely personalized and dialed-in take on how to make you feel your ABSOLUTE best. If you’re ready to ditch the diet dogma, the self-doubt and the emotional rollercoaster ride all this “dieting” can take you on, then you’re ready for NickiRD!!

    Rebecca Sher Avatar
    Rebecca Sher
  • It was a pleasure working with Nicole!She is passionate, knowledgeable and works hardto make you well!She didn’t just recommend a healthy diet she introduced a healthy lifestyle!I love my new daily rituals - tapping, stretching, meditating,dry brushing and detox bath!

    Sandra Rothe Avatar
    Sandra Rothe
  • It was a pleasure working with Nicole!
    She is passionate, knowledgeable and works hard
    to make you well!
    She didn’t just recommend a healthy diet she introduced a healthy lifestyle!
    I love my new daily rituals - tapping, stretching, meditating,
    dry brushing and detox bath!

    Sandra Rothe Avatar
    Sandra Rothe
  • There is no one like her, and that's coming from another dietitian!! If you are looking to make a permanent lifestyle change and view food and your body in a whole new way, NickiRD is your girl. She will captivate you with her passion and genuine belief of how food should be viewed, eaten and loved. She will change your life as she has changed mine.

    Nicole Britvan Cefali Avatar
    Nicole Britvan Cefali
  • I have a very good friend with a life threatening cancer diagnosis that Nicki has completely cleansed and you would NEVER know that she is ill. She has more energy than most teenagers!! Thank you Nicki she is living well with your help!

    Lisa Frese Avatar
    Lisa Frese
  • I have been a patient of Nicki's for four months. In those four months I have learned so much about healthy eating, healthy choices, cooking better meals - all without feeling like I am missing out on something. In fact, I feel like my food choices have expanded and become more interesting and enticing. I feel happier and lighter - both physically and emotionally.

    Elaine Anton-Lotruglio Avatar
    Elaine Anton-Lotruglio
  • Nicki will meet you at YOUR nutrition level, and with unmatched Patience and Positivity!!!, she will take you beyond your expectations of yourself. I mean it!! I went from chef boyardee to plant-based gut health in a wink😉 - Please take her up on it for you.

    kate becker Avatar
    kate becker
  • Nicki is amazing! She entered my life with enthusiasm and a zest for healthy living. She understood where I was coming from and what my goals were and was an incredible cheerleader, providing me with achievable suggestions and changes to make that I could build on to reach my goals. Hi highly recommend her services.

    Lynne Stark Avatar
    Lynne Stark
  • Nicki RD has taught me an immeasurable amount of the most valuable information on nutrition. Her philosophy, advise, tips, and motivation are what sets her apart from any other in the nutrition world. I have learned a new lifestyle from her. If you want to eat and FEEL better, she is the person to talk to. The body is designed to feel good from the foods we eat and Nicki RD knows how to get you there. She caters to the individual needs of each client. Schedule a session (or 10) with her- you wont regret it. I look at food completely different and feel FREE from restrictions and diet culture.

    Liza Moskowitz Avatar
    Liza Moskowitz
  • I worked with NickiRD last year to learn healthier habits for myself and my family. Let me just say she opened our eyes to an entire new way of eating. She helped us slowly incorporate delicious, healthy food that even my kids were happy to eat! Over a year later, we are still eating in a much healthier way! Her wealth of knowledge and excitement about nutrition is contagious! I would recommend Nicole to anyone that needs to clean up their diet and learn once and for all the way we should all be eating!!!

    Allyson Rappaport Avatar
    Allyson Rappaport
  • As a health nut and foodie, I really didn't think I would hear anything new form Nicole's tour of Whole Foods. But of course, this awesome professional is full of new insight and information I have used to make better choices in food for our family. Food is medicine and I would choose Nicole to guide me any day! Thank you.

    Negin Royaee Avatar
    Negin Royaee
  • Nicole was great in recommending practical and effective changes to my cooking. She isn't a quick fix, but a lifestyle change and I could not recommend her more!

    Rafael Fiuza Avatar
    Rafael Fiuza
  • Three simple words…NICOLE IS REAL! There was an instant connection from the minute I met her and loved what she was all about. Nicole's honest, real life, non-judgmental approach makes her who she is and passionate at what she does. She brings a whole new meaning to the word “HEALTHY”.One of my best experiences has been our "One on One Coaching”. I love the individual attention and the way she teaches accountability Not only did I learn more about healthy food choices and my attitude towards food but I am learned more about myself.I love the fact that Nicole does not strive for perfection. She never makes you feel bad..all she wants is for YOU to take care of YOU…starting from the inside, out. She is a wealth of knowledge and the greatest listener in the world! You never have to be afraid to tell her anything. She’s supportive, encouraging motivating, patient and the best cheerleader you will ever have. She wants you to succeed and believes in you but above all she wants you to believe in yourself. Having Nicole in your corner is all you need….she is PRICELESS!

    Janine Bracco Avatar
    Janine Bracco
  • We can all strive to be healthier. Wherever you are on the spectrum of healthy living, Nicki can help you find ways to improve. Nicki helped me with some basic changes. Some changes were about what I am eating, when I am eating, how I prepare my foods, detox baths, etc. These are not diet suggestions, but healthy living suggestions. It has been a year and these lifestyle changes are no longer new, but how I live my life. I highly recommend everyone do a market tour -- you will be laughing the whole time! Her energy and positive vibe is so contagious!

    Shannon Green Avatar
    Shannon Green
  • NIcki is a healer! My husband had a radical intestinal surgery in December and came home from the hospital not able to digest any food. The doctors recommended my husband follow the low FODMOP diet and the BRAT diet. After two months of chronic horrific symptoms I gave Nicki a call. She guided us and told us exactly what to eat and within 48 hour my husband was improving. Her approach is not about diet but instead how to feed your intestinal flora (microbiome.) The idea that if you have a healthy microbiome you will be able to digest wonderful foods that are anti-inflammatory and provide nourishment. So far her approach has worked much better then any doctors advice. I truly believe that if it wasn't for Nicki my husband would be on IV nutrition call TPN.I know it sounds complicated but I promise you Nicki makes it easy. If you are suffering from any illness (it doesn't have to be intestinal) Nicki will help you incorporated nutrition into your self care and most likely you will find some relief. It will also be delicious!

    anne hirschegger Avatar
    anne hirschegger
  • Nicki is more than just a nutritionist, she is a positive, motivating, encouraging life coach!! Since deciding to try and get pregnant, I wanted to find a nutritionist to help get my body baby ready....and she has done way more than that! She has helped not only my body, but my heart and soul become a welcoming and nurturing baby vessel!! She is so great....thank you Nicki!!

    Nicole K Lundy Avatar
    Nicole K Lundy
  • Nicki is truly the most incredible person and dietitian I've ever met. She is passionate about what she does and helps break down complex nutritional processes into easily understandable scenarios so you can actually remember the benefits of drinking lemon water or juicing before dinner. You can FORGET worrying about the number of calories you're eating because all of her recipes are actually good for you and better your overall health. Want to live to 150? Work with Nicki. She is the QUEEN of food combining and will truly change your life for the better. Highly highly recommend to everyone.

    Danny Goldenberg Avatar
    Danny Goldenberg
  • Nicole is amazing at her job and loves to help others. Just to listen to her motivation, spiritual and inspiration chats we have is unbelievable. I have never meet someone like this. I am now pushed in the right direction for my healthy eating and feel great.

    Mike Scolyn Avatar
    Mike Scolyn


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